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The GHL Capital Hotel is a hotel located on Avenida 26 in Bogota, near the famous Simon Bolivar Park. From the hotel you can visit places such as the Salitre Magico Park, the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Gardens, or take a full tour of the historic area of La Candelaria.

The hotel is also just a short distance from El Dorado airport, bus terminal and the industrial area of Montevideo, and is ideal for a visit to the Salitre Plaza Shopping Mall, Corferias, downtown Bogota and the Gran Estación Mall. Only 3.9 km from the USA Embassy.

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Located on just 5 minutes from the International Airport of Bogotá, close to shopping malls and the Simon Bolivar Park.

Calle 25 B # 69 A -50 Bogota, Colombia
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Touristic attractions

  • El Dorado International Airport GHL Capital  Bogota

    El Dorado International Airport

  • Jardín Botánico José Celestino Mutis GHL Capital  Bogota

    Jardín Botánico José Celestino Mutis

  • La Candelaria GHL Capital  Bogota

    La Candelaria

  • Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar GHL Capital  Bogota

    Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar

  • Salitre Mágico GHL Capital  Bogota

    Salitre Mágico

  • Gold Museum GHL Capital  Bogota

    Gold Museum

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